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How To Use This Site

This web site is organized into four different collections, and each collection consists of individual items. Most items have been uploaded as PDFs, and are easily viewable. However, there are a few texts that cannot be uploaded for copyright reasons, so hyperlinks to Google books have been provided instead. The last page of this web site is a list of sources, or bibliography, which lists all of the sources archived on this site.

The four collections are organized as such:

  1. Announcements and Biographies is comprised of journal articles that either provide a brief biography of Gifford, or announce her accomplishments and work.

  2. Reports and Bulletins is a collection of reports and bulletins that have been published by the University of California, the State of California or the California Board of Education that are relevant to Mabel Farrington Gifford.

  3. Articles is comprised of journal articles that were published by Mabel Farrington Gifford herself.

  4. Books links to the Google Books web site where users may purchase texts that Gifford published.

It is recommended that users first read the background information provided on the home page of this web site. Then, explore the materials available by clicking “Browse Collections” at the top right of the page. From the Collections page, users can move between collections as they choose.